We are selling official London Lions merchandise which you can get your hands on, see what fits your style.


Please make sure that the sizes you have ordered are correct by checking against the chart that is on the product descriptions. Refunds will not be issued for incorrect sizes being ordered. Please ensure you have checked the size charts before placing your order.


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London Lions Merchandise

  •   Teddy Bear
    • Teddy Bear
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  •   Teddy
    • Teddy
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  •   Lion
    • Lion
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  •   Girls Baby Bodysuit
  •   Boys Baby Bodysuit
  •   Girls Baby Sleepsuit
  •   Boys Baby Sleepsuit
  •   Girls Baby Bib
    • Girls Baby Bib
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  •   Boys Baby Bib
    • Boys Baby Bib
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  •   Beach Towel
    • Beach Towel
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  •   Cushion
    • Cushion
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  •   Mini T-Shirt with Hanger